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Friday, June 24, 2011


Yesterday I had a special meeting with a special person (special for me): Vicente Wolf. As I already declared in one of posts I have a huge admiration for Vicente Wolf’s work and his successful story. Recently I interned in his office for about 3 months and I had the privilege to meet and work close to him. Not feeling satisfying with that I asked him to have a meeting where we could sit down and talk a little bit. This meeting it was scheduled for yesterday… I couldn’t wait for that! I got there, rang the bell and for my surprise he was the one who opened the door!… We walk me to the meeting room, where is surrounded by a lot of beautiful and interesting all kinds of photography collected by him. It’s an amazing special room, in my opinion. In his gentleman way he asked me to sit down. I started explain to him my reason why I asked him for that meeting… I was nervous! He noticed that and ask me why I was nervous if I that spend time there already for a while as an intern?! Well, then I expressed my admiration one more time, and told him that I never could act “normal” in front of him, because he always been a myth, an idol for me! Even working there for a few months made my feelings to be changed. Perhaps made my admiration for him became bigger by observing how polite, generous and giving he is. So then I told to him that I prepared some questions and I would like to ask him… Then I started asking the questions and writing down what he was responding… Eventually, I stopped writing down because the interview became more like a conversation. So I started trying to really listening what he was saying and learn more about him and the field of interior design. He spent about 40 minutes with me. I think it was very generous from him, considering the fact how busy he is! I feel so grateful and lucky to have experienced this moment!

Vicente Wolf in his apartment

If you would to meet Vicente Wolf start checking his blog... His meeting room in his blog...

However, I left the place more thoughtful then ever… I went to a coffee shop, asked for a hot tea and start writing down everything that he said. I did not want to forget he’s advices… One of the advices he gave to me it was to visit the museums a lot, try to “look at things”, find out what you really like! So that what I did! I headed to The Metropolitan Museum of Art… I’ve been in The MET few times… But this time I started looking at things in a different way… and I found so many beautiful things again… I started looking not just the object by itself, but the object and its colors, textures, shapes & forms, details, periods, etc. I took pictures of all the pieces that I liked, and here I would like to share some of them!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I have been so intensely busy this week… between finishing my hubby and my summer trip plans to China, preparing to host my dear mom, trying to make a business project  happen, finishing my internship… between the normal stuff of every day! I feel so bad that I’ve been displacing my blog… I haven’t been on time with it! My goal is one post per week! But the week has been passing by so fast! I can’t keep up!!! I need some “Zen style” to slow me down and relax me…! It’s the Asian Style: a minimal, clean, contemporary style. What I like about the “Asian Style” is the fact that is simple and open! It could be a little cold and lack charm, but it’s very practical. This week what I did need the most it was practicality. I think life can be so much less complicated if we live in more open spaces, with less things…! What do you think?

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