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Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have disappeared! Here I am, but ready to disappear again! Wait a minute I will explain. The last few weeks I have been so busy with my mom and brother in town, who came all way from Brazil to enjoy a little of the summer with us! I tell you: We were busy together and having a lot of fun! But the truth is… summer is going to become busier {for me and Mike} from today on! We are leaving to China this afternoon, going for an adventure for 21 days. I am excited, but not with big expectations. Sometimes I think I am going to be really surprised…!

We try to watch movies and documentaries about the place where we are going… I think it’s important to learn about the place where you are going to visit before you go, in that way when you are there you would experience the culture in another level. The last movie we watched was “Raise of the Red Lanterns” (a movie I watched so many times already), but I wanted to watch again to get in the “Chinese mood”… So talking about lanterns… today I would like to share the magic of the Asian Lanterns!

Well, if you are not going to Asia… and maybe is a little bit jealous of me I would like to help you to bring Asia to you, just to your backyard! To start: get inspired by these amazing indoor and outdoor spaces… table arrangements… from these images. All beautifully designed with an ancient kind of touch_ the paper or silk lanterns; creating a magical mood to your space. It’s a simple and inexpensive solution to make your party a visual delightful experience with an oriental detail.

A little of the history of the paper lanterns…

According to China Travel , the precursors to Chinese paper lanterns might have been torches carried on the eve of the Chinese New Year by Buddhist monks as early as 250 B.C. Monks carried these torches at night in hopes of spotting the ethereal figures of the Buddha and his bodhisattvas. Soon, commoners began making lanterns with frames of bamboo, redwood or wire and covering them with thin, oiled paper, gauze or silk. Today, lanterns are largely unchanged in design, though paintings of historical or heroic figures, divinities, and landscapes on the paper are popular.

Here some great new designs of paper and silk lanterns:

If you are interested in shopping for lanterns go to:


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This whole weekend I wished I had a pool… and a pool house together would be better! A cute and cozy place where I could make a mess when I had the pool parties; and at the same time a place to have my special ones stay when visiting. It was the 4th of July yesterday… Oh, how great it would be to have a gathering with friends around the pool, barbecue, beer, have fun; really enjoy the pleasures of summer. Today when I woke up and I looked outside the window from my apartment I got in a bad mood… how awful to be in a bad mood on such a beautiful day! The sun was bright, the colors were saturated, the sky was blue… so blue, and it was such a hot day (I mean, still)! And then I thought about the pool again… and headed off to the dentist! When I met my dentist and asked him how he was doing, he said: _ “I wish I could be around the pool today!” I bet almost everybody from my area today thought about hanging out around a pool. So, while I don’t have my pool and my pool house I will keep collecting inspiring images and I will be building this dream in my mind.

… It’s still sunny and beautiful outside. The sun is coming down… It’s dinner time; and I wish that I could be now having my dinner with love ones, around the pool, enjoying the sunset over the mountains.

The truth is… I fell really down today, and maybe the pool would “chill my emotions” out!


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