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Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am going to say that I am not a big fan of Halloween Parties… stuff like that! I love the pumpkins, the candies, decorations, but I am not a big fan of the parties… Well, I did not grow up with Halloween day, so that might be why I don’t care so much. However, I've got to tell you that I have a certain fascination for Gothic things… When I was young I was in love with Gothic castles, Middle Age fashion, Ghotic history, etc.. I was not Gothic. I did not have any interest to be Gothic… but I like the mystical and gloomy side of the Gothic style in general. I say that I was a kind of rebel and depressed teenager… and of course, cranky and moody!
This post is to celebrate the Halloween season by celebrating the Gothic Design world. Although I wanted to search for a more modern approach… I got some fantastic images from graphics, fashion, interiors to celebrity Gothic Style…
I found out that the Modern Gothic can be super sexy, coo; and always marvelously dramatic and poetic!

Villeroy & Boch


Bergdorf Goodman


Inside Avenue

Gothic Furniture


Blog: Love Handbags for Life

Tauba Auerbach


CSN Stores

Who are you going to be this Halloween?

Monday, October 25, 2010


The mix of high-technology {the world of iPhones} with music and human spontaneity!
Love the idea, love the situation, love the song! 

... Everything happens on the streets of New York!  In this case: in the subway!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last summer {2009} I started working on an outdoor/terrace project that has passed through so many phases and difficulties… When I started it I was still working with my associate and friend Whitney Smith {who I want give a lot of credit for her initial design ideas}… Whitney has been gone for a while {she has moved, got a new job and now she’s been following her own path}; another summer came and now it’s gone… That was a project that took a while to be approved by the board! Actually that was the main reason why it took so long… We had to hire an architect and he had hard time with the board too. They {the building board} really tried everything to make us to give up our design ideas!  Well, I believe that’s their job! It’s OK. And our job: as clients, designers, architects and contractors is to insist and insist. Finally we got what we wanted!  Now the construction phase is over. My fabulous client was very helpful and patient; and now we just started purchasing the furnishings and accessories… The space is looking beautiful and we are so excited!

I am so proud what this outdoor space is turning out to be!  I would love to share that with you! It’s not done yet, because like I said, we have just start buying the furniture & accessories. Although I can’t resist to share the results of the first phase with you!



PROCESS... Installing flooring.

PROCESS... Installing flooring and wood fence.

Guess who can't wait for this city backyard/terrace to be done?!
It's almost done... if the rain lets us finish it!

This is the furniture & accessories we are planning
 to fill the space with.
Do you like it?

THE PLANTS ARRIVE TODAY (10/21/2010)!!!!

The terrace is gaining LIFE!!!  In all ways!!!  We (my client and I) were so excited!  We are very happy with the results! Ah, and the custom made bench and the fountain's platform  are there too!  They came yesterday...  I was literally jumping up and down today when I saw them!  Don't they look beautiful?! 
TIP: Always get a good carpenter... ;-)

Here 'our' Sky Pencil plants!

The last plant...!  It took about 5 hours to delivery and install those plants...!

This project has been a personal victory, not just an exterior design project!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


If you want see more photos of Hawaii, go to this link
Renata Gross Photography...  This album it's totally a celebration of life!

 This post is a celebration of Hawaii's natural beauty and their music. Here I would like to share an incredible Hawaii singer! He has an angel's voice!

This song makes my eyes tear… But it’s not tear of sadness, neither happiness… I tear because my heart fills with some kind of emotion that is not clear… it's some kind of emotion that makes me feel inspirited... and my heart beats faster!

If you want learn more about Hawaii, and maybe start planning a trip visit go to: HAWAII'S OFFICIAL SITE

Friday, October 8, 2010


Feeling ‘Bossa’? Unfortunate: NO! Working hard… and not relaxed at all! Fall is coming here {getting chilly}, and I am wishing to be in the weather of Brazil! Living a life like Brazilians, eating like Brazilians, feeling like Brazilian! This is really ironic: I am wishing to live a life like Brazilians even though I am Brazilian! The story is: I am still Brazilian, but I live a New Yorker's life). Got it?!

OK. Let’s dream a little bit… Let’s pretend that I {if you want come too you are welcome} in Brazil living a ‘Bossa Nova Style’.

Arquitetura: Adriana Fernandes Consulim

TIPS: Now if you want to create the 'Bossa Nova Style' in your home, or even in your office I will give you some suggestions where you can buy Brazilian furniture that got that kind of style:

NOTE: Drag your mouse to the image then you' ll get the name of the product and where
you can find it!


Friday, October 1, 2010


... More photos by {me} look at the link below:
Renata Gross Photography

It has been pouring water in New York for a few days… It’s been gray, muggy, and of course; really wet. I’ve been inside the apartment for a few days… {in my pajamas… all day long}. I’ve been concentrate in good creation stuff! The rainy days have been good for me! I like the rain. Strange… But I like the gray sky sometimes! When it is raining and I am inside the house I feel safe and introspective. Do you feel the same?

But talking about rain… Today I came across some words from a Facebook’s friend {What’s in your mind?}. She said: “Here comes the rain again… falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head like a new emotion…” I liked what she wrote, and I identified! Well, I did not know if that was from a song or a famous poem…, or if it was her words and feelings?! I wrote back to her asking about it… Then she told me that it’s a song called “Here Comes the Rain Again” from a group called “Eurythmics”. In my curiosity I went to You Tube and found out that I have listened that song so many times before; but I did not know who was the singer, neither the name of the song, as I never know… Plus, I’ve been asking myself lately: Am I suppose to know more about the names of groups and singers, the names of artists, designers, composers, photographers, architects, actors, writers, etc…? Or should I just enjoy their art without questioning too much?! Well, that’s something that I have to answer myself. But anyway, art is to be instinctual or intellectual? … Or both?!

Forget about everything that said, and just...
ENJOY THE RAIN! Here it comes!!!!!!

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~Renata Gross~


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