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Friday, February 25, 2011


This week I have been really concentrating on finishing the plans for our next vacation, coming this summer. We (me and my hubby) are planning to visit Spain and Morocco this time. I am calling the trip: “The Magic of Spain & Morocco”. While creating these travel itineraries, sometimes I get so fascinated about certain places that I can almost visit these places before I really go there… It happened yesterday when I was studying one of the “stops” of the trip: Menorca Island, Spain...particularly this small town called Binibeca. The houses, which look like a colony of bees, are all white with dark wood beams, surrounded by rustic stones. I don’t know much about the concept of style… But if you know anything about it, I would appreciate it if you could share the information with me. The fact is that I got so allured by these textured and interlaced habitats that I started (in my mind) creating the interior for one of them.  By the way... if you cannot go to Binibeca, you can bring Binibeca to you! Seems to be an inspiring place… I will find out when I get there this summer. I can’t wait…!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I believe that there is a moment for everything in life...  I have been blogging for more than a year now, and  sometimes I ask myself _ "Why I haven't written about Vicente Wolf Associates, INC yet... with all the admiration {actually, obsession} I have for his work...?!"  Well, again, there is a moment for everything!  If you read the story below you would understand why?

Yesterday it was a very important day for my professional life as an interior designer. I have been a great admirer of Vicente Wolf''s designs, photography and business approach for about 5 years… Maybe 5 years is not that long for you… But for me it is… because those are all the years of my life as an interior designer. Again, that might not be too long for you, but for me it is… because I have learned quite a lot during those few years {and I still have A LOT to learn}! In other words, I have been a “follower” of Vicente Wolf since the beginning of my career as a designer, and have had a fantasy to work for Vicente Wolf. Then, yesterday, I got interviewed by him! It is for an intern position. I did not get hired yet {I do not have an answer yet}. However, I am happy just for the fact that I got so close to my dream! The important thing for me now is to remember myself that when we want something in life we should go for it, and get it! At least, try! Do the best you can do, and if it does not work out the way you want to be, try to learn something from it… to be more prepared for your next chance in life! There is always the next chance. YOU make the next chance! You create your dreams, YOU make your reality!

Here is "my guy”! Isn’t he handsome and charming?!
:-) What a smile  :-)

Here are the amazing spaces that he created…
Aren’t they so gorgeous and unique?!


I would love to hear one of your stories about a dream that had become reality, or close to reality...

Friday, February 11, 2011


Oh la la too for this week! It’s been an intense one… after breaking my front tooth, receiving the same furniture piece for the second time with problems, working under pressure to finish “the improvement of my portfolio”, having a different movement in my house (guests), getting a phone call from my family in Brazil saying that my 90 year old grandfather was going to have a risky surgery… and running to the airport to meet one of my best friends during an hour and a half flight connection… (this part of the week was really good because I haven’t seen her for many years)...what else will happen this week?! That’s enough for a week, right?!
I'm so glad that today is Friday… I feel tired! Then I thought about a my next vacation (with my hubby)… We are thinking about Spain & Morroco, and then I got lost in my thoughts of a wonderful vacation and this fabulous hotel came appeared… Kasbah Tamadot Hotel.  To celebrate this coming Valentine’s day please dream with me while admiring these exquisite bedrooms!

Which of these rooms would like to stay?  It's hard to choose, right?!

Friday, February 4, 2011


One of my architectural crushes: EXPOSED BEAMS. Maybe it’s because they remind me of my childhood house in the farm… Maybe it’s just because I love to look at the bareness of a building… It’s like looking at an exposed spine. Huh, maybe that doesn’t sound that appealing…; “exposed spine”. Who wants to look at an “exposed spine”?! I should say: sculptural element. That sounds more attractive, right!?  But, speaking about being attractive... Look at the spaces below...  Lay down and enjoy it! 

I don't have a crush on just the beams in this case...  I have a crush on everything!  The stone wall, the fireplace, the doors and windows, the furniture... etc... etc...  For more: Rees Roberts + Partners

Ah.... Natural wood and white...



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