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Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have disappeared longer then I thought I would be… Coming back from vacations, long trips, always been very difficult for me. I know that happens for a lot of people… and I am one of them. Those who experience that kind of feeling understand what I am talking about. But anyway, it’s been two weeks since I came back from my trip to China. Well, the first week it was really tough because I was sick and felt awful about the time difference, which is 12 hours. The second week I was trying to catch up with my life with all the personal and professional details that had stayed behind and the new ones. Well, they never end!
Ok. Finally, I think I am back. China is kind of behind me already… I started contemplating the experience in a more serene way. I will never forget that trip! It was an really intense and rich cultural experience that has added a lot to myself personally and professionally. There is a lot of magic in the Chinese way… starting with the buildings, the interiors and details. It seemed that the past of China is intricate and that is clearly reflected in their houses, palaces, furnishings, clothing, food and art. I would like to share some photos of interiors, decorative details, gardens and architecture that explain visually what I am talking about… things that you have seen already in books, film or even in person. I would love to discuss with you about this style. It’s intriguing for me as much as it is intricate. How about for you?


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