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Sunday, October 30, 2011


I have been feeling so bad that I haven't posted anything lately... It's not because of a lack of subject, it's just because you know that sometime life gets really busy and somethings have to wait a little bit. Hopefully with this post you can forgive me for been so absent! I want share an interior designer's secret with you...
For a while now I have wanted to start a new series which I could share one of the secrets of interior designers. You probably have asked all the time _ "How interior designers can create beautiful rooms that seems to be so perfect?". Of course there are so many factors that we have to take in consideration; as experience, talent, hard work between others... But there is also one, two or maybe six basics elements that interior designers use that are essential for a good design. They are six of them: Color, Form/Shape & Line, Texture, Scale, Pattern & Ornament and Lighting.

Color is a physical property of light. When we speak of color, we are referring to a pigment.

Form is the basic shape and configuration of an object or space.

Texture is a sensory experience that may be tactile, meaning that it can be felt by touch in addition to being visual.

Scale is the relative size of something as related to another element.

Pattern is a repetition of a specific motif. Ornament is used to denote visual detail that is not functional, but rather purely decorative.

Light is part of every design’s concept and solution. Light affects how we perceive space and objects.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Sometimes I have clients that come to me and ask me “what is my style”. I always say that my style is their style. I try to work with the client, and bring their personality and things that they like to their spaces, especially for residential projects. Of course, my job is to select the items that goes in the project, and guide the client. Sometimes the client wants to be involved in the process and want search for “the parts” of the project too. It’s fine, but it’s my work to coordinate the overall always thinking in pleasing the client. I always think in the client tastes and necessities. However, I do have my preferences… for sure! And I tell you that my style has changed quite a lot. I believe that everybody styles change because we change. Our lives move in different directions, sometime to different places with different weather conditions, and then our personal style moves together too. The style also can vary from a country house to the apartment in the city for the person. Style is quite questionable, and I do believe that all styles are beautiful. I believe there is “beauty” everywhere, in all styles.
But today I am going to post some of my favorite things. Again, the things here are very specific for one kind of lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that is the only style that lives inside me!


What are the things that you like?



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