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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I love to get in the morning, grab my coffee and check my emails... some people read the newspaper… I am just thinking how nice it would be to have a special cozy area in kitchen where I can enjoy my breakfast in the morning with my lap top, or with my husband (in the weekends). My ideal setting would be an intimate and comfortable built in banquet with a small table and chairs.
Here some inspirations to keep my mind focus and positive that one day I would be able to have the opportunity to enjoy my breakfast in such homely and pleasant banquet.

Sorry...  I don't know the source of this one.
Isn't it so elegant, chic and fresh?! 

Alessandra Branca Interior Design.
Very practical breakfast/informal lunch/dinner area. 
The choice of the banquete it looks just so right. Looks like is a very comfortable sitting...

Betty Wasserman Interior Design.
I love te color pallete and materials...
A cool and modern way to eat!

Nathan Egan Interior Design. 
I love the combination of modern style and traditional here.

Another one that I don't know the source... Oh... Very cute!
How great it would be to have breakfast in this bright little cove...

Does anybody knows who have design this nice space?
I love red, white and cream stripes! ... And the black frame of the chairs, against the white and red.
I also love all the drawers and cabinets to keep the stuff hidden...

Sherril Canet Interior Design.
Exciting patterns and colors. It's a great spread banquete.
Well, the table seem to be a little small for the large sitting area, or is my impression? 

Via Egg Nest Blog. 
I love the texture of the brick wall and beans. The overall soft colors and the beautiful yellow flowers arrangement. The lighting fixture hanging above the table... and also the table!  Well, I think I love everything there... But... I not sure about the style of the chairs, even though I like the tuffing and the color white for them.

Do you have an area in your home like these ones? If you do could you share with us know frequently do you use it and how do you use it? Do you like it a lot, or would like to change it?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Splash of Red

I love red poppies… One of these past Saturdays I went {with Mike} to the countryside of New York again, searching for country houses. We stopped to have lunch in this gourmet and organic barn style market. Mike went to bathroom, and I disappeared. The place it was right on the road, but surrounded by lushes farm fields, and in one side of the fields it was ‘splashed’ of red poppies and daises. I could resist it. I went there and spend some time taking pictures of those bright red poppies... Later on that became an inspiration to search for rooms that it was splash by red color.

That was the Market/Barn (I don't remember the name of the place)

Of course, these were the red poppies... Aren't them so pretty!?

I found this picuture from Internet...  It might be better than mine... I have to confess!  I love the the mix pop of red against the green, and the brownish color house in the background. Oh... and to complete: the blue sky!


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