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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ATTENTION!!! To All Brides To Be!

A little while ago I met Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo from ABCD Designs _ in an elevator, in Manhattan. We were both leaving from a Vicente Wolf event… the launching of his Blog. I was there to meet Vicente Wolf, and I think Amy was there to meet Vicente’s Blog… I met Vicente that day… but I also met Amy, her designs and her BLOG! We came out from the elevator and walked for a block together and then we stood at the corner of 39th Street and 8th Ave (I think), and we chatted lively about design, Vicente, art, where originally we were from, etc, etc, and about BLOGs. I remember she was passionate about blogging… It was contagious! She was the first “Blogger” I’ve ever met! From that day on I started getting more curious about blogs… and now, I am blogging and having so much fun! I wanted to thank you Amy to have shared that passion with me that day. Here I want to celebrate your beautiful designs… sharing with others. This is just a little sample of her
infinite creativity!

Beijos & Kisses!
_ Renata Gross _


  1. Hello!

    Thank you so much for featuring my designs on your blog. I am delighted to see that you have started blogging and tweeting ~ It is hugely rewarding to broaden your network in this way.

    I wish you all the success.

  2. It's been really fun too! I love to connect with people and talk about their beautiful work!

    Success to all Bloggers!!! Big success to you!



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