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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


“The best perfumes are in the smaller containers”… I don’t know who said that, but I always love it because that would make me feel better when sometimes been “petite” did not sound or look so attractive. Well, at least in the culture where I came from. By the way, I don’t know if you ever heard this phrase either! Well, the message is… “Small is not a document”! This is another one that I always liked! The tiny powder room that I am working on it has been quite a challenge, which is ok. I like some challenges once in a while. Challenges make you think, make you be more creative, make you explore… Here are a few ideas for the 3’6” by 4’ powder room trying to keep the same wallpaper that the client is in love with. It’s good to be in love with something… during the design process. Been in love with means that we are alive and there is emotion involved. Emotion is always good to both parties; the client and the designer.

I wonder which one is your favorite…?!?

Surface Finishes: Pattern Wallpaper, Dark Wood, Antique Gold Tile Glass, White Ceramic

Close up of the concept above

Surface Finishes: Pattern Wallpaper, Dark Wood, Gray Stone, White Ceramic
{Concept with large mirror mounted inside the stone wall}

{The same concept from above with a smaller mirror}

Surface Finishes: Pattern Wallpaper, Dark Wood, Gray Stone, White Ceramic
{Close up of the concept below}

An the general idea for all of them is to mix the traditional with the contemporary, warm and cool materials

Or maybe... should we try a surface mounted mirror with a large antique gold frame?

Another sample of the same size space with another kind of wallpaper

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  1. I recently did a small powder room at a show house. It's like fitting all of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I like the first option best because it has the warmth of the wood used in a sleek and modern way and the overall effect is that the bathroom feels larger since the visual plane of the wall is not cut up with different finishes. In the other options I felt that either the vanity felt too small or the toilet was too dominant. I look forward to seeing which look you choose.



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