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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


In August I went to Brazil to visit my family.  I was supposed to stay there for about a month, but I had to extend my stay… I had some documentation issues to resolve and some health problems in the family that contribute to extent my time there.  I felt anxious in the beginning when I find out that I would have to cancel my fight back home and push my time. I needed to come back to US and take care of my life, work to do, etc.  But when you find out that there was nothing that you could do, except to wait for things to resolve, so then you just have one decision to make...  I decided that I would take advantage of the time and really have a great time with my family, friends and enjoy the city that is blooming and expanding.  So one of my activities there it was to take walks every morning and sometimes in the afternoons, exploring the area where my mom lives, where I was staying.  One day during one of my long walks I found this fantastic space (Deposito Rustico - Moveis e Decoracoes) filled with amazing pieces of furniture and all kinds of decorative objects… things very regional mixed with very international classic pieces.  The space is huge and full of small and big treasures.  You walk around and at every single corner you can find a different kind of object: lucid, or sexy, textured, smooth, strong, or delicate, colorful, woody, urban, or country…  What a fun place to shop!  Ah! Another thing that intrigued me it was the fact that the “deposit” is located in a residential area, kind of in the middle of nowhere. It’s hard to explain, but the huge store/kind of a barn is totally out of place.  For me it was definitely a “find” in the town.  How great is to find places like that while you are waiting for the next airplane!

A really like the mix of materials on the store facade.

They also manufacture your own designs and dimensions.
Here are just a few ideas of what they can do.

Isn't massive and solid this bench? Beautiful...

Love this bench!

Furniture made of bike pieces.

How cute are these ludic objects!

A conceptual Brazilian flag.


  1. Renata, legal você ter conhecido o DEPÓSITO RÚSTICO. Tenho boas peças deles em minha casa "orange/warm". Cristaleira, mesa, bancos e cadeiras coloridas. Sou fã como você também parece ter ficado! Ficou muito bom o post.

    1. Ola Alexandre! Obrigada por ter vindo aqui me visitar... e obrigada pelo o suporte. Que legal que voce tem pecas deles. Sim sua casa tem tudo a ver com o estilo do Deposito Rustico. Voce conheceu eles atraves de sua designer?



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