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Friday, February 1, 2013


Hi! I am back. I noticed that my last post was done in the Fall. Oh, My! We are in the middle of winter already. But never forgot my blog... Nooooooo! I didn't. I thought about it almost everyday. And I feel really bad abandoning it like that. I am just been out of track, trying to catch up with all in my life. Between client's projects, new classes and country house hunting in the weekends with my husband. OH! That's a lot of work... house hunting. If you have house hunted before you would know what I am talking about it. Specially if you are doing in a tight budget and want it all! Anyway, I would love to share one of my "furnishings fantasies". Below is a breakfast/dining furniture collection as a result of one of those fantasies. This last weekend I really liked an antique house that we visited. Since then I have been day dreaming about the house. The kitchen was really spacious... and it had a nice area for a table setting. There was a brick fireplace there, vaulted high ceilings with light/honey color rustic beams; and the whole kitchen was wrapped by a paneling warm wood, in a the same color as the beams. I thought I would like to create a cool palette for the floor area, for the furnishings. Here is the result of my kitchen/breakfast area wishes.


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