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Monday, January 18, 2010


The Village and The Beach

This is the time of the year my husband and I to start thinking about where we should go to spend our “budget vacation”!… Though, sometimes it ends up not being so budget…! Well, most of the time we go to Brazil (as maybe most of you know that this is where I am originally from). So, we go to visit my family, but at the same time we always try to go to someplace undiscovered, or natural and rustic. We want to enjoy the natural beauty, as you all know, that Brazil has to offer! This time we are considering “stopping by” at this place all way to the North, called Jericoacoara, as known as to the intimate friends, simple _ “Jeri”. It’s one of the most international beaches in all the Brazilian Coast. However it’s considered to be isolated from the rest of the world... a small fisherman's village, lost in between immense white dunes, which is the Jeriocoacoara National Park… You maybe are asking… “How do I know about all that?” Well, I never have been there, but I always heard about it! I started researching about the place… Actually, talking about it, when I went on the Internet, I can tell you that I could not stop collecting images from this place! … The images express so much beauty… the vastness of the landscape, and at the same time, a cozy, laid-back lifestyle and fun too. That kind of lifestyle that I think we all want to live somehow, at least once a year…! Well, I am still thinking about it… should we go, should we not go?!? Hum… What do you think?

General view of the village

Jericoacoara National Park

Local men riding on his donkey... I feel like following him...

Jericoacoara Beach

“According to an article published on the American newspaper Washington Post, the beach of Jericoacoara is one of the ten most beautiful beaches on the planet.....”

"Pousada's facade" _ Inn _ Mosquito Blue

Jeri in, Jeri out _ That's the lifestyle!

I LOVE the style of the Inns' outdoors the most!

Wow! Some kind of colors for my eyes! Beautiful, vibrant and juicy fruits! Que delicia!

Relaxing... Relaxing... Relaxing... Good place to recharge the battery and get some inspiration!


  1. Renata, I would like to go to Jeri with you!

    Your husband,

  2. deve ser maravilhoso,lindas fotos.



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