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Friday, February 5, 2010

How to Create a Canopy Bed Without Posts

Difficulty: Moderate


Things you'll need:
•Wall hooks
•Ribbon or cord (optional)
•Measuring tape for fabric
•Sewing supplies

Step 1
Screw some strong hooks into the ceiling at all points you want to attach the fabric for the canopy. This may include 2 or more corners of the bed, located a few inches outside of the edge of the bed so that the canopy will hang clear of the mattress. If you want fabric above the bed as well, you might choose to place a hook above the bed as well.

Step 2
Cut all pieces of fabric that you will be hanging up. Make sure you take correct measurements of both width and length. Hem if needed. There are many ways to make a canopy. You can completely enclose the entire bed or hang panels that are half the length of the bed near the head of the bed. Simply go with your tastes and preferences and design your canopy how you want it.

Step 3
Sew some ties onto the fabric in any place you will need it to hang from the hooks. You can use hemmed strips of matching fabric, or lengths of pretty ribbon or cord that complements the fabric.

Step 4
Tie the fabric panels to the hooks. Let them hang to the ground, tie them back and attach them to the wall at the head of the bed to achieve a curtain look.

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