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Sunday, April 25, 2010

One of my favorite design book _ Interiors: Country & City

Hey! For those who don’t know yet, I am a country/city girl! I grew up with chickens & pigs, organic vegetables and milk on my mom’s parents farm. But I spent vacations and holidays at my father’s parents “boarding house” business in the city. Even though I loved the country lifestyle; eating fruits directly from the trees and playing freely in a huge fenceless backyard, I was fascinated with the things from the city… stuff like Jello, chocolate, ice cream, apples {yes, I said, APPLES _ Remember: I was born in Brazil, and apples were an imported fruit found just in the markets}; oh..., not forgetting the factory-made toys…!!! All those things that you could only get in a big city! Anyway, just a little bit of my story… then you can understand where my interest with this style called country/city comes from. Here I would love to share one of my favorite books from my design library! Hope you can enjoy those beautiful settings as much as I do! Every time I flip the pages of this book I just dream… and feel something so close to me that I can’t explain in words.

My beautiful "Pupu" got curious... and resolve to investigate my actions... "_ Why is she putting the book on the floor, and taking pictures of it...?!... Strange... Sniff, sniff"

There are so many other images that I would like to share with you here... But the post would be too long...! If you want to purchase the book, go to: MY BOOK LIBRAY, a gadget on the right side of the blog page.


  1. I would love this book, thank you so much for sharing a part of it! Now a city girl, however spent much time in the country with family as a child.

    Art by Karena

  2. Olá Renata, ótima postagem, adorei ler.
    Passa lá no meu blog, tem selinho te esperando.Bjs. Sílvia.

  3. Nossa Silvia! Que honra... Ate dei um "suave arrepio" quando vi o selinho na sua postagem. Bom, eu nao entendo muito bem o que seja o selinho... mas gostei! Fico muito feliz de ver que voce acha inspiracao no meu blog.
    Com carinho, agradeco!
    Renata Gross

  4. Oi, Renata. Por aqui a gente cola o selo no blog e também repassa para outros blogs que admiramos.É uma maneira de aproximar pessoas com os mesmos interesses, no nosso caso arquitetura,decoração, design...
    Aproveitando quero te apresentar um blog novo, o, o Paulo que é arquiteto e meu marido fala sobre Porto Alegre, nossa cidade, arte , cultura e muito mais.Visite!

  5. gostei da montagem a gente se transporta atraves das fotos e parece 3d em alguns momentos ,bju



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