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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Inspiration Weekend House…

This past weekend Mike and I went upstate New York to meet our real estate agent and see a couple of houses that are for sale… How exciting! Well, the houses we went to look at weren’t that exciting…
 :-( But it’s OK. It was just the first day of our search! We got there at 10:30am. We had a homemade quick breakfast at Jack & Luna {a modern country style breakfast place}; and then we headed to meet our agent, Tecia Poulas {who I recommend already}. Next, we started driving everywhere in the area. It was a pleasant time driving between the trees, hills and meadows of Ulster County. We saw cows, red barns, creeks, rivers, deer, summer wild flowers… and picturesque roads and country houses! Ah… and the stone houses! Ah… they are so charming… By coincidence, the last edition of Elle Décor had an entire article about a historical stone house built in 1680 in the same area. I loved the property and the interior decoration of the magazine article. I want to keep it as an inspiration… I know we can’t afford such a house like that now… but maybe one day! Until that happens, I am going to keep the photos and article just to nourish my day dream moments…

Source: Elle Décor – Edition May 2010 - #166
Photography by William Waldron
Styled by Carlos Mota

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