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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Members of the Community: “Rural Modernists”

Do you think that you can’t find contemporary minds in the countryside?!  Well, the country is not just about farms, cows, trees and hills. We also can find contemporary art and design. During my trip last weekend to the countryside of New York City, I found Jason O' Malley studio with his organic ceramics forms and cartoonist pop art illustrations; and to my surprise, I found the freshest and most enduring Scandinavian design: Scandinavian Grace located on State Route 28 around Ashokan Reservoir. Who would have thought?! Scandinavian designs and pop modern illustrations in the middle of the woods?! Oh, if you don’t believe me, you can check it out yourself!

"This portrait combines the personalities of this "opposite attracts" couple (just like me and my husband).  Collete is a city gal and Tom is a country bumpkin." (Jason O' Malley)

"My clients wanted a portrait of them with their pooches set in their chic living room with the NYC skyline in the background." (Jason O' Malley)

Here he is: The artist himself, Jason O' Malley and his dog Tino.
Isn't Tino so cute?!... Good dog! Good dog!

Jason O' Malley ceramics.

Jason O' Malley ceramics. Aren't them so BIG and unique?!

Scandinavian Grace - Origo Tumbar item

Scandinavian Grace - Norn 03 item

Scandinavian Grace - Nordic Light item

Scandinavian Grace - Cozy Candle item

Scandinavian Grace - Cokkie Tray item

Scandinavian Grace - Pip Pip Bird Feeder item

Hope you like these "finds".  I LOVED THEM!!!



  1. Olá, Renata. Tudo bem.
    Que passeio proveitoso( estou acompanhando todas as postagens!).Adorei as ilustrações. Beijos.Sílvia.

  2. Sivia, voce e o maximo! Esta convidada para vir a NY! Alias, voce ja teve aqui?
    Hoje eu vou indo bem, mas tive algumas semanas bem mal, com problema de coluna! Nao podia sentar por 5 minutos! Ai meu Deus, foi dificil nao trabalhar mais, e nao blogar!!! E voce, como esta?



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