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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Stairs in Penn Station to 7th Avenue.

Today I woke up thinking about posting something that I could celebrate my welcome back home… It’s been few a days I since came back from Brazil. As it always happens, I come back feeling a little bit blue… missing my family and friends, and my mother land! So I thought about writing something about New York to remember how great this city is… so that way I could feel a little bit better. But do you know what?! I remember that today it’s my 11 year anniversary of coming to New York. On September 1, 1999, I arrived in NY. Since then I’ve always been here… learning how to be a New Yorker. New York is a place that is transforming every minute, full of different things and places. There is always something new; some place new to be discovered!

I would like to share some of my favorite places and things that you can find in this rich city!

New York Hot Dog.

I don't have to say who this Lady is, right?!
You can see the meeting of 5th Ave & Broadway (bottom of the photo).
Ah! Detail: View from the master, Empire State Building!

Vibrant and crowded Times Square. 

If you come to NY for the first time you have to go to The Phantom of the Opera!

Central Park Ice Skating.  I don't know how to skate, but I like to watch the skaters and listen to the music!

 Central Park's Musicians.
World Financial Center at the end of the day...

The sillouette of boats and buildings looking from Battery Park City, at the end of day!
Romantic and mellow...
Taken at Battery Park City.  I love this area of Manhattan on a Sunday afternoon.

Brooklyn Bridge view from Dumbo-Brooklyn.

Do you see the Master King in the middle of the bridge foot?

I love the texture of old buildings...

...the history of each building.

Building located at Soho. I am fascinated with the architectural details of it.

Colorful buildings between Soho and Chinatown.  I love this kind of urban 'street scenery'.

Manhattan street scene.  Typical advertising posts attached to the street walls.  

I like the street graffiti. Street Pop Art. Taken in Soho.
Ah... And The Botanical Garden of The Bronx.

Ah... The cherry blossons in the spring...  Botanical Garden of The Bronx.

I love the tulips being sold in the markets on the streets.

How about a gigantic butterfly at the Botanical Garden in The Bronx?!

When I moved to NY I used to live in Astoria-Queens.  N Train was the subway that I used to take every day to go to Manhattan.  I have a 'special feeling' for this train...!?  Strange...
QUEENS: Structure of the world globe of the New York World's Fair (1964) located at Flushing Meadow Corona Park. 

Flushing Meadow Corona Park. Buildings from the World's Fair 1964.
Cirque Du Soleil built every year in Randal's Island: between Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx.
Going back to Manhattan... What a sky, huh?! The skies are dramatic in New York!

Interesting to go see the ocean creatures at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island.

Talking about creatures that act like human beings...  You have to see the gorillas in The Bronx Zoo!
 My favorites of all the animals there! 

I love to see a snow storm... but from my window (inside my home).

The Christmas decoration detail is just a detail of the exuberant Christmas
decoration of the Long Island houses.

Oh! We can't miss window shopping the stores of 5th Avenue.

I am going to sleep now...  It's a long story!  I can't finish this today...

All photos taken by me (except the where I'm eating the hot dog).



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