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Saturday, April 9, 2011


I have mixed feelings about the color red… sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it! I don’t understand why I have such opposing feelings about one particular color…?! There are some colors that I don’t like at all, and others that I love… But, red.  I am about to start a residential project; a laundry/bathroom where the client wants red color there… I actually already picked some materials for that. They are looking good together… We are thinking about pops of red; and the red that I have for one of the materials is a really beautiful bright tomato red. I like that shade of red... Anyway, enough of this psychological drama with the color of red!

I want share with you what I have found recently… I was researching on the Internet the street fashion of Paris… I found out that the red has been a “key color” to the dark mood of the winter clothes. It's probably a trend that is over already, considering the fact that spring is already in Europe this time of the year. I do really love all these outfits that these women are wearing though…

I am also searching for spaces that were designed with the use of red… I am trying to learn about the color that aggravates me... and be sure that the red color can create exciting rooms, vibrant spots, be trendy and literally “hot”!

TIP: one of the ways to find an idea for your interior design projects is to find something that you like...a fashion line for example.  Then from style, color and general idea, you design your space.

Would you like to leave a comment?
What is your favorite color?
Do you have dual feelings about a color?
Do you like the red color?
Would you use it in your space?


  1. Red is my favorite color. I wish my car was red!

  2. renata renatita como é q vai o projeto!? de vento em polpa ê re cê vem com cada uma drama de vermalho dama d vermelho dia dear vou ver se posto para ti as fotos do dia suave d domingo lá em casa aquele q a gente ficou conversando pelo face , talvez lhe envie por email tem q transferir do celu simples desde aquele dia e não fiz ,bju e bom dia



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