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Saturday, May 14, 2011



Every year I like to check out what some of the renowned designers of New York City are up to the moment! Kips Bay Boys & Girls Decorator Show House 2011 is one of the places to go to; and check that out. For those who don’t know... some designers are selected by the club, then each designer has the challenge to transform their especifided space into a beautiful room with exquisite pieces. Below you can see the list of the designers of this year. One of my favorite is Brad Ford ID. He is a young designer and I believe he is fast moving to become a star. I love his designs because of the casual look with a the neutral palette.  I think his spaces are designed for a sophisticated and intelligent type of client who knows how to enjoy life in a easy going way... Again, in my opinion his style is one of the “now” and future style: the mix of old and new, clean lines, practical elements and a retro charm are just perfect for our modern lifestyle in the city.

• Bilotta Kitchens of New York
• Cayley Barrett Associates
• Stephen Fanuka
• Brad Ford ID
• Aurelien Gallet
• Greener by Design
• Gunn Landscapes
• Harry Heissmann
• Jamie Herzlinger
• Celerie Kemble, Kemble Interiors
• Monica Rich Kosann Photography
• Jeff Lincoln
• Mary McDonald
• Ronaldo Maia
• Richard Mishaan Design
• Wayne Nathan Studio
• Amanda Nisbet Design
• Barbara Ostrom Associates
• Campion Platt
• Rauber & Rauber Interiors
• Matthew Patrick Smyth
• Robert Stilin
• TK Theatres / Audio Command Systems

I am able to share a few pictures that I took from the show… Not the best quality because I was not suppose to take photos of the space… I had to sneak, and do it hiding my camera. _“I am sorry Kips Bay Club, but I couldn't hold myself...  I have to share these amazing rooms with my friends!”

If you want look at all the pictures I took from the show visit my RG Art & Design Facebook Page.  Ah, and don't forget to check the button LIKE!

Ah, you still have time to visit the show... It will be running until May 26!


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