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Sunday, September 26, 2010


In my frustration today of trying to be an interior photographer for one of my interior/decoration projects, I decided to find  professional interior photographers and learn from them… at least admire their work and maybe feel bad for myself… I tooked at my magazines like Elle Décor, Veranda, no longer in the market (too bad) Domino, Interior Design, etc&ect in search of some fantastic rooms and their fantastic photographs of them. I got some names and went to visit their online portfolios. Let me tell you something: THEY ARE GOOD! And I wonder how long they took to learn how to photograph like that?! I chose 4 people and, what is interesting to observe, is that each one has their own individual style… and they're beautiful on their own… The places are incredible and light, and I would say that most of them have a stylist?! And the stylists do a really good job too… I would like share their work with you and I would love to hear your opinion about each one of them and their styles…?!

I think Mikkel Vang has a kind of 'vintage' look in his pictures...
I love the contrast of light and dark spots on his pictures...

Melaine Acevedo has a playful and light way of photographing...  I learned from her that it is a good idea to take a shot of a general picture and then take a more detailed picture from the same space...  Hum!  Good!


Roger Davies is so sharp and  I love the way he plays with the image of the girl in the mirror.  I mean, I don't quite understand what is going on there...   I don't know if it is on the mirror or it's just an image standing there...?!).
What I think, is that it is quite sexy! 
And I love the two pictures of the 'man with bird' side by side in color 'blue & pink'...  Sexy too!

It seems that he likes to capture that 'special moment'! I would say that he is the 'paparazzi' of the rooms...


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