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Friday, October 1, 2010


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It has been pouring water in New York for a few days… It’s been gray, muggy, and of course; really wet. I’ve been inside the apartment for a few days… {in my pajamas… all day long}. I’ve been concentrate in good creation stuff! The rainy days have been good for me! I like the rain. Strange… But I like the gray sky sometimes! When it is raining and I am inside the house I feel safe and introspective. Do you feel the same?

But talking about rain… Today I came across some words from a Facebook’s friend {What’s in your mind?}. She said: “Here comes the rain again… falling on my head like a memory, falling on my head like a new emotion…” I liked what she wrote, and I identified! Well, I did not know if that was from a song or a famous poem…, or if it was her words and feelings?! I wrote back to her asking about it… Then she told me that it’s a song called “Here Comes the Rain Again” from a group called “Eurythmics”. In my curiosity I went to You Tube and found out that I have listened that song so many times before; but I did not know who was the singer, neither the name of the song, as I never know… Plus, I’ve been asking myself lately: Am I suppose to know more about the names of groups and singers, the names of artists, designers, composers, photographers, architects, actors, writers, etc…? Or should I just enjoy their art without questioning too much?! Well, that’s something that I have to answer myself. But anyway, art is to be instinctual or intellectual? … Or both?!

Forget about everything that said, and just...
ENJOY THE RAIN! Here it comes!!!!!!

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~Renata Gross~


  1. Olá,Renata.
    Adorei teu post sobre fotografia, também amo esta arte.Sempre que posso faço cursos para aprender um pouco mais.O valor dos grandes fotógrafos reside no olhar único que eles tem sobre objetos, pessoas, acontecimentos.Gosto bastante de tuas fotos, do som da chuva e de ficar em casa pesquisando e trabalhando em algum projeto pessoal porque me sinto intigada a sempre procurar por mais conhecimento.
    Beijos e boa semana.Sílvia.

  2. Ola Silvia,
    Adorei saber um pouquinho de voce tambem. Que legal descobrir que temos coisas em comum! Alias, uma grande coisa. Fotografia e grande para mim! Apesar de saber tao pouco... Mas sobre a chuva... nao e gostoso escutar o som da chuva e ficar criando(estando dentro de casa)?! Nao gosto de agua fria! :-(
    Obrigada pelo o suporte! Fico muito feliz mesmo em saber que voce gosta das minhas fotos! Voce e o maximo!
    Tenha um bom dia,



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