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Friday, January 29, 2010


I love the tips “How to Buy Furniture” that Grant K. Gibson shares in the “Designer Series” posted by Williams Sonoma Home. As a young designer, I am always looking to learn and learn more… Well, actually, what designer is not looking to learn every day? I bet you there are NONE! Designers, by nature, are curious people, who hold a “bug” that itches them all the time… at least the ones I’ve met! Anyway, I am here not to talk about bugs and who are the designers… I want to share with you the tips I’ve learned today from Grant!

Here it is what he advises:

Think long-term. When it comes to furniture, I always advise clients to buy classic pieces that will hold up over time, and to go for the best quality they can afford. It's worth it to invest in key items like a sofa or dining room table you'll have for years, and save on accessories, which are easier to swap out. I prefer neutral colors, which are less trendy. I've had clients who are crazy about orange or hot pink and ask for sofas in those colors, but I try to steer them toward a more subdued palette of which they are unlikely to tire. I love using pillows or throws as bright, pop accents, but a neutral base is so much more versatile.

Peek inside. The construction of a sofa or chair is really important. Look for details like solid wood frames and hand-finished springs, which will tell you that a piece weren’t mass produced. Cushions are such a personal preference. Some people love a really soft, all-down sofa, but I like a combination of foam and feathers. It's a bit more firm and even after a few years, won't look sloppy or lumpy.

Take your time. Furniture is expensive—don't buy it impulsively. Couples are usually different heights, so making sure that the height and pitch of a chair or sofa work for both people is key. Take advantage of companies that offer fabric samples and live with them for a bit before making your decision. Also, check the sizes of your doorways, hallways, and elevator if you live in an apartment, to ensure that whatever you're buying will fit into your house.

Get crafty. Before any major furniture purchase, I note the dimensions and use blue painter's tape (available at any hardware store) to block out where I think I'd like to put the piece. This can really help you visualize what the room is ultimately going to look like, and the tape peels off easily so you don't have to worry about damaging your floor. The same trick also works with sheets of newspaper, cut in the silhouette of the item you're considering.

Don't overdo it. A sofa is probably always going to be the largest piece in your living room or den, though you never want it to overpower your space. My living room is pretty tiny, so I chose a sofa with an English roll arm, which softens the entrance to the room. Since the arm is low to the ground you never feel like you're smacking into the side of the sofa when you walk in.

Bedford Sofa from Williams Sonoma Home

Make it work. It's not enough for a room to look pretty—it also has to function well. Put some thought into how you plan to use a room, which will dictate what kind and how much furniture you need to buy. Next to any sitting area, make sure you have enough reading lamps and tabletops for setting down drinks. I like furniture that can multitask, like a coffee table with an extra shelf on the bottom so you have a place to store things like books and a basket to hide your remote controls.

THANKS Grant and Williams Sonoma Home for sharing that with us!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I’ve been thinking for a little while about how to share/write about my favorite designers and their designs/rooms. WHO TO PICK FIRST? Considering that I have so many who inspire me! So, I decided to let it happen! Until… this morning, I came across to a new one (for me). He is based in San Francisco and his name is Grant K. Gibson. I like his style because is an eclectic type: mixing contemporary and antique. In my opinion, Grant’s rooms are classical with a pint of “grand style”; however, they are inviting and charming. In addition, I like him because his rooms make me believe that we don’t need to have so much money to have a beautiful room with that kind of “grand style”.

Conclusion: Everything could be possible! (I’ve been really thinking about the possibilities…)

I love this bedroom designed by him…

I think it’s possible that I have a bedroom like that…?! (I've been thinking about designing my own bedroom.... Why is so hard for an Interior Designer design their own space?!

Friday, January 22, 2010


BRAZILIAN DÉCOR’s goal is to create a unique shopping experience for their customers by offering creative, distinctive, and eco-friendly Brazilian home products to enhance their lifestyle.

BRAZILIAN DÉCOR is committed to provide the best imported Brazilian artwork, accents pieces, personal accessories and gifts items for a stylish and unique home. Many of their products are handcraft from the finest natural materials, and each item is individually inspected to ensure the highest quality.

Here some of my favorite products:

Go to: _ And enjoy the beauty of Brazil!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last Friday, January 15, was one of my best friend’s birthday… Simone Alexandrino, and this post is to celebrate her. She is Brazilian. She lives in L.A. She’s a multi task person, doing all kinds of jobs and things… She is a self-taught artist and an instructor of the martial art of Chi Quong. She is also a life coach and a salesperson (she sells “special water”… Yes, I said “water”!). In addition, she is a great down-to-earth person and a very sensible friend!

I would like to share her artwork with all of you! This is just one of her beautiful and delicate pieces of work… Simone Alexandrino creates her work inspired by pure intuition; laying intricate abstract images on white Japanese paper, done carefully by hand, as if she is creating a kind of lace with black ink.

My Dear Friend Si, I wish you a prosperous
personal year!

Monday, January 18, 2010


The Village and The Beach

This is the time of the year my husband and I to start thinking about where we should go to spend our “budget vacation”!… Though, sometimes it ends up not being so budget…! Well, most of the time we go to Brazil (as maybe most of you know that this is where I am originally from). So, we go to visit my family, but at the same time we always try to go to someplace undiscovered, or natural and rustic. We want to enjoy the natural beauty, as you all know, that Brazil has to offer! This time we are considering “stopping by” at this place all way to the North, called Jericoacoara, as known as to the intimate friends, simple _ “Jeri”. It’s one of the most international beaches in all the Brazilian Coast. However it’s considered to be isolated from the rest of the world... a small fisherman's village, lost in between immense white dunes, which is the Jeriocoacoara National Park… You maybe are asking… “How do I know about all that?” Well, I never have been there, but I always heard about it! I started researching about the place… Actually, talking about it, when I went on the Internet, I can tell you that I could not stop collecting images from this place! … The images express so much beauty… the vastness of the landscape, and at the same time, a cozy, laid-back lifestyle and fun too. That kind of lifestyle that I think we all want to live somehow, at least once a year…! Well, I am still thinking about it… should we go, should we not go?!? Hum… What do you think?

General view of the village

Jericoacoara National Park

Local men riding on his donkey... I feel like following him...

Jericoacoara Beach

“According to an article published on the American newspaper Washington Post, the beach of Jericoacoara is one of the ten most beautiful beaches on the planet.....”

"Pousada's facade" _ Inn _ Mosquito Blue

Jeri in, Jeri out _ That's the lifestyle!

I LOVE the style of the Inns' outdoors the most!

Wow! Some kind of colors for my eyes! Beautiful, vibrant and juicy fruits! Que delicia!

Relaxing... Relaxing... Relaxing... Good place to recharge the battery and get some inspiration!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today when checking my emails I found out about the “Tiger Temple”, or Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, is a Buddhist temple in Western Thailand which keeps numerous animals, among them several tigers that can be pet by visitors. I got fascinated about it… Oh… I always wanted to hug a lion or a tiger, and I thought that’s something I could NEVER experience in my life… Well, I think, we should never think about never… there is always a possibility!

“According to the abbot and others associated with the temple, in 1999, the temple received the first tiger cub; it had been found by villagers and died soon after. The story goes that several tiger cubs were later given to the temple over time, typically when the mothers had been killed by poachers, others who wanted to get rid of their tiger "pets" or those were under pressure to do so as laws and policies surrounding the keeping of protected species became more strict…” _ from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, there is controversies, according to the Care for the Wild International (CWI) published a report in June 2008 that claimed the tigers at the temple are not rescued wild tigers, but are obtained by illegally trading with black market tiger farms. They say the real purpose is making money, not helping tigers.

Hum… Questionable place?!?
If you want check about the temple visit:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Series: TRANSITO...

I could not resist sharing this series of photography from my Peruvian friend and photographer, Paola Vera. There were taken in the “Panamericana Norte Road” in Peru, while she was transiting from Lima to her family’s town… That’s the story I know… The photos are amazing! The desert is “empty”, and at the same time “filled”. I just can’t explain in words, I just feel the images… Hope you can feel the same!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Bye! Ate la Vista!

Good quality time starting the New Year… Good old friends! New friends! I want say good bye to my friends from Peru, Marbecita and Paolita! They are living tomorrow… It was nice to see you again Marbe. It was nice to meet you Paola! Marbe, you brought me sweet memories, crazy stories from the time together in college, in Brazil… Paola, you brought me inspiration from your photography! Good bye. So long. Farewell to both you!


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