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Thursday, April 29, 2010

French Re-creation Room

I have been really busy those last 3 days updating my “Design Source Library”, my “Design Inspiration Rooms Library”, and also, the blog! While I was doing this hard-work I came across to a lot of beautiful pieces… and new possibilities!
I decided to pick one of my favorite rooms from my “French Style Library” and decided to try to re-created it, being “price conscious” and I little bit more modern, giving a little bit more straight lines to the soft curves of the French style. But, don't get me wrong... I love this room.  I love the colors, the textures, the charm and romaticism... 
{By the way, is anybody there who knows who designed it?!}

Below is my re-production with my own twist!

 Do you like the collection?  It is affordable!  More detailded information look at below:

1- Benny Sofa - 82"W × 35"D × 27"H - $999 – Z GALLERIE
2- Vintage Wooden Bench – 70-85”Wx 15.5”Dx19”H – $699 – WISTERIA
3- Winslow Large Wood Mirror – 46”Wx66.25”H - $549 – BALLARD DESIGNS
4- Axel Lamp – 28”H - $495 (each) – JAYSON HOME & GARDEN
5- Rustic Trestle Console Table – 82-90”Wx20-22”Dx34”H - $999 – WISTERIA
6- Arbre Sconces – 30”x 24” x 7” - $39.99 – Z GALLERIE
7- Mission Wide TV Armoire – 57.5”Hx60”Wx24”D - $499 (sale) – HOME DECORATORS
8- Etchedoval Metal Tray – 35”Wx18.25”Dx2”H - $149 – WISTERIA
9- Vintage Velvet Drapery – 84”Hx50”W - $139 (each panel) – RESTORATION HARDWARE
10- Party at the Ball – 47”Wx47”H - $399 – Z GALLERIE
11- Preston Pillar Holder – 13.5”H - $14.99 – Z GALLERIE
12- Zambia Throw – 60”Wx72”H - $99.95 – Z GALLERIE

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One of my favorite design book _ Interiors: Country & City

Hey! For those who don’t know yet, I am a country/city girl! I grew up with chickens & pigs, organic vegetables and milk on my mom’s parents farm. But I spent vacations and holidays at my father’s parents “boarding house” business in the city. Even though I loved the country lifestyle; eating fruits directly from the trees and playing freely in a huge fenceless backyard, I was fascinated with the things from the city… stuff like Jello, chocolate, ice cream, apples {yes, I said, APPLES _ Remember: I was born in Brazil, and apples were an imported fruit found just in the markets}; oh..., not forgetting the factory-made toys…!!! All those things that you could only get in a big city! Anyway, just a little bit of my story… then you can understand where my interest with this style called country/city comes from. Here I would love to share one of my favorite books from my design library! Hope you can enjoy those beautiful settings as much as I do! Every time I flip the pages of this book I just dream… and feel something so close to me that I can’t explain in words.

My beautiful "Pupu" got curious... and resolve to investigate my actions... "_ Why is she putting the book on the floor, and taking pictures of it...?!... Strange... Sniff, sniff"

There are so many other images that I would like to share with you here... But the post would be too long...! If you want to purchase the book, go to: MY BOOK LIBRAY, a gadget on the right side of the blog page.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Tour @Hudson Furniture Inc. Workroom

Hudson Furniture Inc. is a high end furniture company located in the Meatpacking of the trendiest areas of New York City. I became a big fan of Hudson Furniture collection when I started attending Interior Design school a few years ago. Today I am very happy that I am not just bringing Hudson Furniture pieces to my fictitious projects from school, but that I am actually bringing them to a “real” home and client. Last week my client and I had the privilege of going to visit the place where all their furniture is made! We met the great people who manufacture the beautiful and so well done pieces; and to complete the whole experience I found out during the tour that a few of them are “fellow Brazilians” from my home town in Brazil! We were really excited to get to know each other… We spoke Portuguese, shared some stories and laughed!

Hudson Furniture Inc. respects the natural forms of trees and inherent grain of wood with well defined organic lines and geometric forms using traditional joinery techniques and hand rubbed oil finishes.

“We put high regard and value on these trees by turning them into pieces of enduring art instead of leaving them out to decay ", Barlas Baylar, Hudson Furniture Inc. founder and designer.

But, Hudson does not stop there! They offer an amazing collection of lighting and marvelous pieces of petrified wood! I really encourage you to stop by there sometime and enjoy their super cool showroom… or if you cannot do that now you should visit their online showroom at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PARIS… A Love Affair…

Ahhhh… Paris… Paris… sometimes in the middle of the afternoon I sigh…
About 2 years ago I spent 4 nights in Paris… {in the summer}. It was love at first sight! Do I have to say anything else?! Whoever’s been there would understand… and for the ones who haven’t, please, GO!

Paris, my love city: Un jour, je dois revenir en arrière!

Today I started uploading all the photos that I have taken and like... The web address that is hosting them is

I would like to invite you all to visit it, and leave comments... They are very precious to me! {Prints start at just $6}

Thanks all!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Houses of Douglas Manor – NY

This past Sunday my husband and I took a short and mellow walk around the neighborhood of Douglas Manor, Queens _ NY. The light was incredibly dramatic, the green of the trees were so fresh {it’s beginning of spring}; and the houses there were and are always so beautiful, charming and inspiring…

JUST A SIMPLE DETAIL: All the houses from the images above are facing the water.


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